Why Baby Won't Breast-Feed

Here are possible explanations

Sometimes, babies may stop wanting to breast-feed for a short period, for a variety of reasons. This is not necessarily an indication that your baby no longer needs to breast-feed.The Nemours Foundation offers this list of possible reasons why your baby may take a break from breast-feeding for a few days:

  • New foods or other dietary changes may make your milk taste different.
  • Your baby is teething, and has sore gums that make feeding painful.
  • You are stressed, and your baby notices.
  • You've changed your breast-feeding routine.
  • You reacted loudly to an accidental bite, frightening your baby.
  • You've changed your perfume or deodorant, and your baby notices the different smell.
  • Your baby may have an ear infection, stuffy nose or other condition that makes breast-feeding painful or uncomfortable.

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