What's in your Salad?

I was standing in line at the salad bar, when I see the lady in front of me putting iceberg lettuce in her container. She then proceeded with the toppings of a few vegetables, cheese, croutons, and ranch dressing. I then thought to myself, "You really can make a salad unhealthy."

When starting a salad, the lettuce is the foundation of any salad, so picking the right one is important. The rule of thumb is the darker the green, the more nutritious it is. Although Iceberg lettuce has some nutritional value, it's very little, and stands no match to other greens such as romaine, spring mix, and spinach. If you're not crazy about some of those and love your iceberg lettuce, you can start by mixing in a little romaine with the iceberg, so you're at least getting some more vitamins and minerals.

As for the toppings, you wanna make sure you add as much color as you can, or in other words, paint a rainbow! Obviously any vegetable is a great option to put on your salad, but for the protein, people often make the mistake of breaded chicken, shredded cheese, and bacon. These are very high in fats and make your calorie count go sky high! Try to stick with lean proteins like grilled salmon or chicken.

Another good rule of thumb is try to stay away from anything that's white, other than the exception of onions and cauliflower. Things such as potatoes, croutons, coleslaw, and dressings such as Caesar, ranch, buttermilk, and blue cheese. These really bring the nutritional value down and you should just go without!

Making just small changes like this can really help your health out and may even help with weight loss. So make sure to go with healthy choices! :)


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