Unique Workouts for Winter

Workouts for Winter

My sister is hoping and praying for snowfall. Now I’m all about the cute little white flurries, but I’m not sure I’m ready to be completely sequestered in my house with no option for outdoor workouts other than snowball fights or building a snowman in the meadow (and naming him Parson Brown). Even driving to the gym can become an extra hassle when the roads are icy or flurries are blinding my vision.

So what’s a person to do?

Here are the results of my foraging for unique winter workouts. Check it out:

  • Snowshoeing. I had no idea that people considered this a desirable workout (I guess I just associate snowshoes as tools for surviving pioneer blizzards ala Little House on the Prairie.) It seems that snowshoes (which can be purchased online or at sporting goods stores) can be used to run on top of snow. As a great alternative to cross country skiing, snowshoeing builds both upper and lower body endurance and strength. Bonus: You’ll burn about 450 calories per hour while snowshoeing!
  • Maximize your trip to the mall. Get your holiday shopping done, but make a goal of power walking through the mall for a certain amount of time. Hey, it’s better than nothing and most of us are crunched for time during the holiday season. Plus, there are many walking groups (that sometimes use the mall for their indoor track) that you can join to stay accountable to your winter fitness regime.
  • Take the stairs and clean the house. One of my friends takes the stairs every time she has to travel from the first floor to the fifth floor in her office building. It might sound silly, but those extra minutes spent hiking up and down are perfect for toning your leg muscles. Cleaning the house can have a similar affect. By dragging out the vacuum a little more often you’ll burn calories and strengthen your arm muscles. Just consider your household chores one more way to stay active.
  • Become Lord of the Wii remote. Use it after you get off of work or while the kids are in school. Wii Fit may not be quite as challenging as a personal trainer, but it will get you moving. Plus, it’s kind of fun to play a video game while burning some calories.
  • Ski biking or snow biking. Many ski resorts are beginning to offer ski bikes as an alternative to regular skis. A bike-like device is outfitted withs skis instead of wheels (Who knew?). Snow Biking, on the other hand, involves a more ordinary looking bike decked out with special tires that enable it to be ridden on snowy surfaces.

Don’t let Old Man Winter cramp your style. There are plenty of ways to workout during the winter months. Just remember - creativity is key! Also, don’t forget to take your regular vitamins and supplements during the winter months. You can Buy Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs, Minerals and many more Nutritional Products Online at healthdesigns.com

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