Unique Spring Workouts for Guys

Unique Spring Workouts for Guys

Remember last year? When June 1st rolled around and you realized your body was still stuck in its post-New Year state of flab? Yeah... Not so good.

Don’t let this spring go by without getting your butt in gear. And if you’re looking for a way to revamp your spring workout routine then check out these unique ways to get in shape:

Body Weight Resistance Training: Ditch the gym and get outside. Push-ups, crunches, pull-ups, squats, chair dips, wall sits, planks, mountain climbers, and jump lunges are all superior body toning moves that require no equipment.

Progressive Tempo Runs: Designed to improve your stamina, tempo runs are a perfect challenge for beginning or experienced runners. Start off by running at an easy pace and gradually increase your speed every mile. More experienced runners should aim to increase their speed gradually until they are running at their optimum 10K pace. Beginning runners can take on the challenge of running just a few miles with a gradual speed increase every quarter of a mile or so.

Cross Training: Do you focus more on your chest than your back? It’s time to switch it up. Go for 3 sets of rows and 2 sets of bench presses. Can’t remember the last time you touched your toes? Man up and take a yoga class. Try cycling, swimming, rock-climbing - anything to switch up your regime. You’ll create a more balanced physique.

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