Unique Recycling Ideas

Recycling Ideas
Maybe you already recycle your empty cans, cereal boxes, and yogurt containers. You take your unworn clothes to Goodwill and you donate extra books to the library. Hey, maybe you’re even the cool mom or dad who does arts and crafts projects with the leftover milk jugs. But no matter where you are on the “Reduce and Reuse” scale there are always new and unique ways to recycle. Check out these unique recycling ideas!

  • Donate your old car to charity. Numerous organizations are always on the lookout for second hand vehicles. Some will even haul the car away for you. Just make sure you are in possession of the clear title (you don’t want the car to still be under your name if there is an accident or damages down the line). Bonus: this is a tax write-off!
  • Turn empty cereal boxes into magazine holders. Just cut off the top and half of one side and cover with scrapbook paper.
  • Reuse K-cups or other similar single use pods of coffee. Plant seeds in them to jump start your spring garden!
  • Make use of online resale sites, such as Craigslist and Ebay. You can make some extra cash and your junk will become someone’s treasure. Tip: If exchanging the goods and payment in person then be sure to deal with cash only and have friends with you during the transaction (for safety’s sake).
  • Ruse your watter bottles. Fill them three quarters of the way full and stick them in the freezer. Next time you’re headed out the door take one with you. It will be thawed by lunchtime. Or, cut off the bottoms of used water bottles and use them as votive candle holders.
  • Join the library instead of buying your own books. Nowadays most libraries have online database systems that make it super easy to pre-order the book(s) that you want to read. Dues and fees can be paid online and renewals are possible with the click of the mouse.

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