Try Relaxation Techniques

Suggestions for what to do

Relaxation techniques may help you relax, beat stress, and can even help ease insomnia.The University of Maryland Medical Center offers the following suggestions for performing relaxation techniques:

  • In a technique called progressive relaxation, lie down with your eyes closed, and gradually feel and relax each part of your body from your feet to your head. Take time to consciously relax each part of your body.
  • Tense your toes, then release and relax them. Lying on your back with eyes closed, point your toes toward your head, hold for 10 seconds, relax and repeat.
  • Breathe deeply, lying on your back and relaxing your body. Take a slow breath in through your nose. Fill your lungs with air, hold, and slowly release your breath.
  • Guided imagery can help you relax by visualizing a relaxing place. Lying on your back with eyes closed, picture yourself in one of your favorite places, where you feel happy and relaxed.
  • The quiet ears technique has you lie on your back with eyes closed, hands relaxed behind your head. Gently place your thumbs inside your ears until you hear a rushing noise. Listen for about 15 minutes, then take your thumbs out of your ears and relax.

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