Tips on Staying Active During the Winter

family sledding

Baby, it’s cold outside. If you’re anything like me then winter chill makes it all the more difficult to stay active. Jogging is put aside until the spring, biking is on hold, and even taking daily walks becomes difficult when the winter wind gets strong. It’s a yearly challenge for me to stay active during the winter months and I have to make a conscious effort to sneak in physical activity wherever possible.

So I’ve compiled a top-ten list of my favorite ways to stay active during the winter (that don’t involve battling snowstorms to get to the gym). Check it out!

  1. Shovel snow. It’s not fun and it’s tiresome. But did you know that just a half hour of shoveling snow can burn over 200 calories? Forget the snow-blower and get out the shovel! Bonus points if you shovel your neighbor’s section of the sidewalk.
  2. Walk the dog. Dogs need year-round activity, just like humans. Treat Rover right and give him his daily stroll. Cold out? Bundle up. (Tip: if a one-mile jaunt just isn’t enough for your over-sized beast then consider getting him a weighted doggy backpack. This will boost his exercise and make one mile feel like three.)
  3. Take the stairs. If you’re at work then skip the elevator. If you’re at home then purposefully take as many trips up and down the stairs as possible. Your kids or roommate might look at you funny, but come swimsuit season your bum and thighs will be beach-worthy.
  4. Youtube yoga. When I don’t feel like driving all the way to the gym I roll out my yoga mat in the family room, set my laptop on the coffee table, and find some online video clips of yoga exercises. It’s a perfect (and free) solution.
  5. Ice skate.The extent of my ice skating skills are being able to stay on my feet and move forward. There are no triple axels in my future. However, the fresh air and vigorous workout make outdoor ice skating a uniquely satisfying winter workout.
  6. Buddy up. Staying true to my workout regime is so much easier when I’ve got accountability. Challenge your spouse, roommate, coworker, or friend to stay active with you.
  7. Park far away. Yeah, it’s cold outside. But that’s why you’re trying to figure out how to stay active in the first place - cold weather tends to bring out our wimpy sides. Instead of vying with the other drivers for the closest spot choose to park far away. Your brisk walk across the parking lot will help to keep your metabolism revved.
  8. Break it up. If the idea of squeezing in a 30 minute workout session feels overwhelming then shoot for three 10-minute sessions. Aim for a certain number of push-ups, crunches, or lunges by the end of the day and squeeze in a couple sets whenever you have time.
  9. Clean the house. Laundry, vacuuming, and scrubbing the toilet are not exactly enjoyable activities. But an hour of vigorous household cleaning can burn nearly 300 calories. Plus, your house will be clean as a result.
  10. Dance and play. Crank up the tunes and rock around the Christmas tree. Steal the Wii remote from your kids and show ‘em who’s boss. Be the first to volunteer for charades.

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