The Facts About Zicam

The reason the FDA issued a warning for people to stop using Zicam is because of the gel form of their product that prevented cells in the nose from exchanging essential nutrients, and the nose cells ‘suffocated’ because the gel starved them for air.

The good news is that PERQUE Double Zinc Guard, PERQUE Zinc & Throat Guard Lozenges, and PERQUE2 Life Guard remain the safer, more effective forms of zinc.

For your information, zinc is needed for smell, and zinc deficit is associated with loss of smell. In this case, there is a confusion of ‘baby’ and ‘bath water.' The baby is the zinc; the bath water is the ‘gel’ in the Zicam.

Please contact PERQUE Client Services at 800.525.7372 or with any questions about the safety of PERQUE formulas. Please contact Zicam about problems with their product, now being withdrawn by request of FDA.

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