Should You Pay More for Organic?

Should You Pay More for Organic?

Organic this and organic that. Nowadays there seems to be an organic alternative for almost everything in the grocery store. Bearing the special “USDA Organic” symbol, these foods claim to be free of pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizer, and food additives, are better for the environment, and are grown in soil free from sewage sludge. Sounds great, right?

But for most Americans, the question comes down to cost. Organic foods regularly cost more than their non-organic counterparts. Sometimes even up to 100% more. It comes down to basic economics: currently the demand for organic foods is much higher than the supply. Surprisingly, this hasn’t seemed to deter folks from splurging on the specially marked foods as Americans alone spend billions of dollars on organic foods annually.

But should you really pay more for organic?

The answer is both “Yes” and “No”.And if you’re trying to pinch pennies then it’s essential to know exactly which organic foods really are worth it and which you can forgo.

Here’s a basic how-to when it comes to navigating the organic aisle (without breaking the bank):

DO buy the following organic:

  • Meat - nobody wants antibiotics meant for a 1400 lb cow in their system.
  • Dairy - again with the antibiotics.
  • Thin-skinned or skinless produce - celery, peaches, leafy greens, tomatoes, strawberries, apples, root vegetables, etc... These foods easily absorb the pesticides and food additives. If you plan on consuming the entire fruit or vegetable then consider buying organic.

DO feel free to skip the organic aisle for these foods:

  • Any produce you plan on peeling - onion, avocado, bananas, pineapple, corn, mango, eggplant, etc...
  • Broccoli, sweet potatoes, and cabbage - all are disease resistant and require little to no pesticides.

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What do YOU think about buying organic? Let me know!

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