Scientific Breakthrough for Healthy Insulin Function

Insinase: A Bright, New Idea for Healthy Insulin Function!

According to recent statistics, close to 21 million Americans live with blood sugar issues, and we can concur that poor insulin function may play a significant role in the onset of myriad health concerns. Most notably, research suggests that a key factor in maintaining blood sugar homeostasis may be to support healthy insulin function and normal triglyceride levels. Metagenics, Inc. is pleased to introduce Insinase a brand new EXPRESSYN product and a scientific breakthrough for healthy insulin function! This natural approach to supporting healthy blood sugar incorporates SKRMs, which have been clinically shown to improve fasting insulin and lipid parameters.

So order your Insinase today and take the wise steps towards their long-term health!

Insinase Specifically Targets Insulin Homeostasis

Insinase is designed to promote healthy insulin sensitivity and triglyceride levels by offering a scientifically demonstrated formula uniquely combined ratio of reduced iso-alpha acids (RIAA) and
acacia extract developed from the EXPRESSYN process.

Recommended uses:
Healthy insulin function
Healthy glucose utilization
Healthy metabolic function

Patient benefits:
Proprietary formula featuring SKRMs RIAA and acacia which have been clinically shown in a preliminary study at the Functional Medicine Research CenterSM, the clinical research arm of Metagenics, to improve fasting insulin and lipid parameters
Modulates kinase signaling in adipocytes. These fat-storing cells are involved in glucose utilization and insulin signaling
Balanced kinase signaling helps to maintain healthy blood sugar already in the normal range and healthy triglyceride levels
In vitro testing of the active ingredients has demonstrated inhibition of IL-6 cytokines which influence insulin function
The EXPRESSYN Difference. Extensive research demonstrates efficacy and a high level of predicted safety

Address your blood sugar concerns in a powerful, new way with Insinase!
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