Salizain - Fast Relief for Minor Pain

Anabolic Laboratories Salizain for fast relief of minor pain available at

  1. All natural pain relief to eliminate discomfort, allowing the healing process to progress
  2. White willow bark extract specifically blending with cayenne, turmeric, ginger and Nexturine
  3. Includes bromelain to aid in swift tissue damage repair

Your body's protective response to injury is to send its fire department to the site to find out what's going on. The firefighters on this team include special cells and fluids of the immune system. All this extra material in the area causes the natural responses of swelling and redness (also known as inflammation), often accompanied by pain and bruising. This is a highly complex biochemical process that actually helps the body fight infection and begin the healing process. After the initial investigation it's desirable to reduce inflammation so you can begin healing and feel more comfortable as you recover.