Running: Speed Vs. Distance


I used to be really into running outdoors. Mostly because it was cheaper than a gym membership and it burned a lot of calories. Unfortunately, I live in a cold-weather state and thus about half my year is spent wearing doubled up socks and my down-filled coat (and yes, I’ve seen some people run in freezing temperatures, but I aint that girl). So eventually I wised up, got a gym membership, and embraced the paraphernalia of indoor gym equipment.

My problem is, I miss running. Additionally, I get super bored running indoors on a treadmill. So that got me to thinking. Is it better to run longer or faster? Could I enjoy my longer and more leisurely runs during the summer and then get the same (or better) bang for my buck by doing quick runs indoors during the cold months?

The answer is: It depends on what my goals are.

Let’s say my goal is to burn the most calories possible. Well, it doesn’t matter whether I walk a mile or run a mile. Generally I will burn the same amount of calories. It just depends on how much time I have to workout.

However, what if my goal is to burn the most fat calories specifically? Lower intensity aerobic exercises with lower target heart rates cause a person’s body to burn a higher percentage of fat calories. So, if I choose to run a longer distance at a slower pace I can really optimize my body’s fat burning capabilities.

Or, if I have a goal of increasing cardiovascular endurance and calorie burn then I should really focus on interval training. By changing it up between quick and intense runs and longer jogs I will benefit from greater heart strength, high amount of calories burnt, and an adequate recovery time for my body between intense workouts. Soon my body will begin to adapt. My cardiovascular system will even build more blood capillaries to better bring oxygen to my muscles.

Regardless of what option I may choose it is essential that I get the necessary Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs, Nutrition and more that my body needs to run.

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