Rewards Program - Referrals and Cash Back Update

Beginning in 2011, we started asking customers for their feedback on our rewards program and what they wanted to see. The response was overwhelming and we were able to gather a lot of data as we built from scratch the referral system everyone was requesting.  This lead to the completion of Stage 1 of our build. If you haven't heard of this referral program, you really should be using it,  its very simple and you can learn more here. Referral ProgramThe referral program pays you for new customers - and saves them $5 on their first order!

Since the launch in late 2011, we have had many customers start to use this as a way to spread their knowledge of health supplements and earn valuable cash back.  The result: many customers get their health supplements for free from us.  With this program well underway, we want to focus more and more on making it great, simple, intuitive, and friendly for all customers to participate in.  This means we need to consolidate our efforts for the rewards program.


While we have many updates coming to the rewards platform in the next weeks and months, the first change will be the retirement of the 5% Back in Rewards program.  This program had been used for the last 2 years, though it was somewhat unknown to many customers.  This will also help us to offer better Free Shipping promotions and limited time sales as many have asked for.  If you don't know what we are talking about, don't worry.  For those of you concerned about rewards already in your account, you're fine too - no rewards will expire prematurely or be removed due to this update.


As to the udpates we have coming up shortly for the Referral Program, here is a brief list of what to expect:

  • Ability to change your coupon code to whatever you want, helpful for those who want an easy keyword, IE "Just use coupon code HEALTHNUT for $5 off your first order"
  • Ability to apply rewards towards shipping costs
  • Link to any product page with your URL and capture the referral without using a coupon code
  • Better reporting and analytics dashboard
  • Supplied graphics and banners for use in spreading your code online

That's just a short list and we know many of you have other great ideas which you can feel free to post in the comments section below. Thanks everyone for your participation!

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