Organic Popcorn and A Movie

Being a bit of a "movie junkie," I have eaten a lot of popcorn to accompany me on my cinematic journeys.  In so doing, my knowledge on the subject of popping corn is beginning to rival my college degree. But of course, I started like anyone else who has ever eaten popcorn: At the bottom of the barrel using quick-and-easy store-bought microwave popcorn.

Unfortunately, besides being unhealthy, over-processed and full of added ingredients, this popcorn always left me feeling like I just ate candlesticks for dinner and beeswax for dessert. Bottom line: A waxy mouth. Knowing this could not be the pinnacle of popcorn pioneering, I began buying popcorn seeds at the store and popping at home over the stovetop. I would add just a bit of cooking oil and salt to create a better version of popcorn than I had previously known. But this method was not without fault.

The cooking oil used to pop all these kernels was not exactly easy on the stomach. And I would have to deal with an oily pot that would need cleaning. So again, I tweaked my formula by substituting cooking oil for olive oil, and a stovetop for a microwave. Healthier, faster, and with less cleanup, this seemed a marked improvement over my previous attempts. But could I do better? I thought so.

I had never used coconut oil before, but after reading about it in several health blogs, I began to wonder if maybe this was a better alternative to the expensive olive oil I was using. This also spurred me to examine the kernels which I was popping. If I was going to make my favorite snack healthier, I needed to evaluate the primary ingredient as well. What I have come up with is what I consider the best version of popcorn I have had to date.

Totally Organic Popcorn

Organic Popcorn


  1. Organic popcorn kernels
  2. Organic coconut oil
  3. Naturally fantastic movie
  4. Brown paper bag


Pour your popcorn seeds into the brown paper bag until the bottom has a thin layer of kernels and is no longer visible.  Take about 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil and drop onto the kernels. TIP: If you live in an icebox and your coconut oil is currently solid, warm it for a few seconds in the microwave. Coconut oil turns to liquid at 76 degrees oddly enough.

Now, fold the opening of the bag over twice, sealing it. Shake the bag around until all the kernels have oil on them, about 6-7  shakes or  1 Ferrigno shake.

Place the bag in the microwave on its side and set for two minutes and thirty seconds. Listen for when the popping stops and open the microwave if this is before the time is up. Open carefully to avoid scalding, lightly salt and enjoy.

There are many ideas emerging in the scientific field of popcorn toppings, and that in and of itself is likely another post. So for now, keep it healthy and enjoy pure and basic organic popcorn as it was meant to be. If you have any improvements to above, post as a comment so we can all further the progress of popcorn in the name of science.

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