Organic Pet Foods - Why They Are Worth It

Organic Pet Foods

Chances are that you either are the person who unabashedly and unashamedly has a furry four-legger for a best friend or you know someone who fits that description. So either way, this info is for you (pass it along folks!). It's for the good of Rovers and Tigers everywhere.

Challenge number one: Stay with me and hear me out.

Challenge number two: Consider buying little Fido or Felix organic pet food... Yes... Good job... Stay with me.

If you are incredulous at the suggestion that your dog or cat needs organic food then you are not alone. Most caring pet owners would do nearly anything for their beloved pets, but going organic with the pet food is unheard of. It's just simpler to stick with the good ol’ brands that have fed Sparky's tummy for the past 5 years.

Before you laugh off the absurdity of organic pet food, consider the following:

  • Buying organic food (whether for humans or pets) means that you are reducing your personal carbon footprint. Everyone contributes to greenhouse gas emissions that cause disastrous climate change, but we all have the power to reduce our personal contribution. Your pet is your responsibility. By reducing his carbon footprint you are reducing your own.
  • Non-organic meat is chock-full of pesticides, added hormones, and sewer sludge. You don't want this in your system. Do you really want it in your pet's system?
  • Organic pet food can reduce skin problems, allergies, and digestive ailments that your pet may have. After all, those hormones, sewage, and pesticides aren’t exactly natural food additives. Chances are, they are irritating your pet in a myriad of ways.
  • Going organic will ensure greater health and longevity for your pet. I don't know a single pet owner who doesn't want his or her pet to live a longer and healthier life. I've also known people who have forked over big bucks for complicated surgeries and medicines during the last years of their pets' lives. Imagine if these expensive and heart-wrenching treatments could be avoided!

So just consider it. You love your pet. Why not give him the best nutrition possible? If you're looking for pet organics, supplements, grooming treatments and more, then check out the Pets section.

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