Now Offering Gaia Herbs

Now Offering Gaia Herbs

We just can't stop bringing you the brands you've been requesting. We are excited to announce we have yet another brand to offer you: Gaia Herbs.

We previously sold select Gaia Herbs items but have recently brought their extended line into our warehouse for quicker shipping and lower prices, direct from us to you!  Save an additional 5% on your Gaia order now through May 22 with coupon code GAI5PO at checkout.

Gaia Herbs is nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina. Gaia cultivates more than 50 crops on 250 certified-organic acres. This land is where every stage of production is carried out, from soil enrichment, seed selection, and cultivation to crop monitoring, research analysis, and harvesting. The facility that lies adjacent to the farm is made of non-toxic construction materials to stay in harmony with nature. This is where all aspects of the business are integrated: administration, finance, customer service, sales, processing, packaging, and more.

Gaia's mission statement says it strives to "produce pure plant medicines of exceptional quality and purity while enriching the ecology of the earth and the health and harmony" of the people that use its phyto-medicines.

Try Gaia for yourself and see how well they carry out their mission. Order now, because we're offering a 25% discount on all Gaia Herbs products.

And remember, if you visit and use coupon code GAI5P0, you'll receive an additional 5% discount good today through May 22.

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