New Chapter Multivitamins Pack A Whole Food Punch

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If you haven't heard about the new New Chapter Multivitamins, you may have just missed the most important development regarding whole food supplementation in some time.

You may not be familiar with "whole food" nutrition, but it is a growing category in the natural health world.  For more info, New Chapter actually has a great summary page of what makes whole foods products different than conventional supplements.

This newest release from New Chapter  contains 17 multivitamins that are targeted toward specific individual needs.  While each multivitamin may contain varying levels of each ingredient,  the entire line now has:

  • Whole-food vitamins + minerals + herbs to support health and wellness
  • Probiotic Transformation - whole food ingredients are cultured in probiotics, transforming them into complex your body easily recognizes and absorbs, rich with the thousands of beneficial compounds found in nature.
  • Certified Organic ingredients because New Chapter believe "organic nutrition is better for people and better for the environment - plain and simple"
  • Gluten Free and Vegetarian Friendly

So why take this versus other multis?  Well New Chapter has specifically targeted different multivitamins based on your unique needs:

  • Women -  According to New Chapter, modern science has found that cultured soy enhances the bioavailability of nutrients and promoted normal cell growth, heart, and bone health.* That's why you'll find it in each New Chapter woman's Multi, along with whole-food Calcium, Vitamin D3, and the most bioactive, longest-lasting form of Vitamin K2.

New Chapter, Every Woman's One Daily 24 TabletsNew Chapter, Every Woman 72 TabletsNew Chapter, Every Woman II 40+ 96 Tablets

  • Men - is formulated specifically for the needs of active men, and includes a targeted blend of organic herbs for energy, heart and immune support.*  In addition, herbs are included targeted blend of organic herbs for stress

New Chapter, Every Man 72 TabletsNew Chapter, Every Man's One Daily 72 TabletsNew Chapter, Every Man II 40+ 48 Tablets

  • Prenatal - Easy to digest for mom and baby, prenatals are formulated to promote a healthy pregnancy and fetal development, with targeted levels of whole-food vitamins and nutrients plus safe-for-pregnancy herbal blends.

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