Natural Puppy Care 101

natural puppy care

Confession: I think I’m in love... His name is Jean-Claude. And the other one’s name is Pascal. And before you think I’m really weird, allow me to explain.

Last week, my husband and I decided to expand our family. We welcomed two 4 ½ month old pups into our lives (and gave them ridiculous French names... don’t ask). And suddenly, I was thrust into a world of housebreaking, wet noses, and time spent trying to determine which color leash to buy... So what did I do? I called up dog breeders and maxed out my cell phone minutes. I asked pet store owners for recommendations. I pestered my puppy-owning friends for tips and tricks. And I scoured the web for info on puppy training and natural puppy care.

And though I have much still to learn, I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on puppy care basics. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Puppy Training
The key is to use positive reinforcement and to know that any type of training takes time (housebreaking alone can take 2--4 weeks). Monitor and interact with your puppy as often as possible. This way, you can catch him being good and praise him for it! Treats are always a good idea, too.

Food Choices
It is essential to choose a dog food that is free of corn, wheat, and soy products. These ingredients are often used in cheaper dog foods and can cause your pup to have allergic reactions. Look for all natural dog food that is free of chicken by-products and artificial preservatives.

Extra Must Have Items

  • harness (to attach the leash to when taking your pooch on walks - attaching the leash to the collar can cause strain and damage to the dog’s throat)
  • puppy shampoo (tearless formula)
  • ear cleaner (keep your dog’s ears clean and he’ll be less likely to develop an ear infection!)
  • dog-formulated toothpaste and toothbrush (try to get your pup used to having his teeth cleaned at an early age)
  • chew toys
  • paw cleaning wipes (try an alcohol free kind, like Canus, Nature's Dog Fresh Goat's Milk Lotion-Based All Purpose Pet Wipes 70 Wipes)
  • crate (this can be optional - we just have our pups barricaded in the basement bathroom until they are housebroken)

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