Lowered Prices on CoQ10

Metagenics works diligently to offer you the best quality products - at the best possible prices. Due to improved pricing on their high quality raw material source, we are excited to be able to reduce your cost on CoQ-10 ST and CoQ10 ST-100.

Before purchasing any Coenzyme Q10 supplements, it's important to understand they can vary in quality and purity.

Sample 1 (Metagenics) Claim: 30mg Actual Amount: 30.5mg

Sample 2 Claim: 25mg Actual Amount: 15.9mg

Sample 3 Claim: 25mg Actual Amount: 23.3mg

Sample 4 Claim: 30mg Actual Amount: 30mg

Sample 5 Claim: 50mg  Actual Amount: 46.6mg

Not all CoQ10 supplements are offered in the purest form - but you can always rely on Metagenics.

Research demonstrates that CoQ10 supplementation support numerous aspects of health:

  • Promotes healthy cardiac and skeletal muscle bioenergetics and heart function
  • Supports cellular integrity and endothelial health by protecting against oxidative stress
  • Plays a key role in every cell of the body, assisting oxygenation, circulation, heart muscle strength, and much more
  • Replenishes healthy CoQ10 levels in patients who may be deficient, such as those taking popular cholesterol-lowering agents and individuals over 50
  • Supports healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range

CoQ10 is commonly recommended for those who:

  • Take a popular cholesterol-lowering agent
  • Could benefit from heart muscle function support
  • May benefit from natural blood pressure support
  • Could benefit from overall cardiovascular support