LactoFlamX by Metagenics

Intestinal or Bowel Disease?

Support is available with Metagenics New LactoFlamX.

Research-Based Relief

Good news for those with intestinal/bowel distress. LactoFlamX by Metagenics features L. plantarum 229V - a strain-identified probiotic that has been specifically shown to support the integrity and healthy function of the mucosal lining.

Cutting-Edge Science for Intestinal Health

Research suggest that levels of cytokines such as interleukin-6 (IL-6) and interleukin-10(IL-10) can influence intestinal function and comfort. That's where LactoFlamX by Metagenics may help.

Take advantage of this exciting new probiotic formula that features L. plantarum 299V. Preliminary research on this probiotic strain suggests that it may:

  • Beneficially influence levels of IL-6
  • Influence other cytokines, such as IL-10

Use LactoFlamX to help:

  • Support healthy intestinal mucosal barrier integrity and function
  • Promote healthy intestinal microbial balance
  • Support a healthy immune response

Formula: 18 billion CFU per capsule L. plantarum 299V

Form: 40 count bottle

Recommendations: One capsule per day

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