Introducing Flexible Pricing at

You know what you want. You know you will need it continually. You do not want to run out. You do not want to reorder. You want to save money.

Sound familiar? Our great customers have had this dilemma for some time now. For many items, we tried to alleviate this by this by offering fast, free shipping. This solved some issues, but left situations such as reordering, wasted packaging, additional transit, and extra savings unanswered. Well, we are pleased to inform you that there are now multiple ways to save on every order from including:

  • Order Volume Discounts:
    • Save 5% on all orders over $70
    • Save 10% on all orders over $150
  • Tiered Item Discounts on Select Brands:
    • Save 2.5% on items ordered in 4 or more
    • Save 5% on items ordered in 12 or more

We hope this simple new pricing will make it even easier to get the healthy products you need, save money, and continue living your life. All you have to do is register when checking out online. If you’re reading this, you’re already setup.

Please e-mail us directly at if you have any suggestions or comments as we try this new approach.