How to Get Vitamin D Without the Sun

Vitamin D

Most of us spend less time outdoors during the winter months. After all, if you live in any location north of the equator then the frigid cold and snow blizzards are probably doing a fine job of motivating you to stay inside no matter what. While protecting yourself from the bodily harms of winter is well said and done, it can be hard to maintain a healthy, well-balanced body. Especially when it comes to getting your daily dose of vitamin D.

During the summer it’s no big deal. Spending a little time outdoors is all it takes to get your daily value of vitamin D. But during the winter? Not so simple. However, it can done. Take a look at these practical ways of getting your needed vitamin D during the winter months:

  • Eat more fish. Specifically, herring, mackerel, sardines, shrimp, catfish, tun, and salmon. Fish is naturally high in vitamin D and the wild-caught varieties are the most nutritious. Bonus: fish is naturally high in healthy fats that can boost brain function.
  • Go for Shiitake mushrooms. These mushrooms suck up sunlight while they are growing so they are chock full of the vitamin D.
  • Consume fortified foods. Cereals, orange juice, yogurt, cheese, margarine, and milk are often fortified with vitamin D. Check the labels next time you go grocery shopping and add some fortified foods to your shopping cart.
  • Try a supplement. When you’re not able to spend time outdoors and vitamin D-rich foods are scarce then a vitamin supplement is your answer. Supplements are available in capsules, chewable tablets, and liquid form. Try Carlson Labs, Ddrops Vitamin D3 2000 IU 10 mL liquid vitamin D supplement. It’s a concentrated supplement that can be added to food, juice, or water. Plus, it’s tasteless, so there’s zero gag factor involved.

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