How to Get Glowing Skin

Glowing skin

It’s true. Gorgeous skin is a hot commodity. Everybody wants that blemish free glow that’s as smooth as a newborn baby tush. And many are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money in the quest for glowing, flawless skin. Breakouts, blemishes, sunspots, fine lines, eczema. You name it and there’s some cure-all cream available. And while some creams and treatments truly are helpful (such as Natural Bath & Beauty Products), most are huge waste of cash. There are several simple and cost-efficient ways of getting that natural glow:

  • Change your diet. Reduce your sugar and processed-foods intake. These foods wreck havoc on your epidermis. Not sure if you can effectively change up your diet? Stay accountable with a buddy and try going on a 3 week cleanse (no added sugar or processed foods). You’ll be amazed by the change in your skin. And while you’re at it, eat more foods rich in antioxidants, anti-aging Omega-3 fatty acids, and cell-repairing lean protein.
  • Wear sunscreen every day. Even in winter. Even when you think you won’t go outside. Make sunscreen a daily habit and you’ll never put your skin at risk of sunburn. (Tip: many moisturizers and foundations come with sunscreen added.)
  • Wash your face every night. Each day your skin comes into contact with dirt, pollution, sweat, grime, and germs. And when you go to bed with your face unwashed those yucks end up on your pillow case (and thus coat your face again each night!). Try keeping a case of makeup remover wipes by the bed if you tend to crash without washing.
  • Keep your hands off. Avoid touching your face, especially if you are prone to breakouts. Picking at blemishes or trying to pop zits forces the bacteria deeper into the skin.

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