How to Build a Nourishing Breakfast


Breakfast, as we know is the most important meal of the day, and arguably the most delicious. When sitting down to nourish in the morning, it’s important to make the right choices that will give you a ton of energy for your active day ahead. That’s why you make the conscious effort to nourish your body in the AM. Ideally, aim to have a good mix of carbohydrates, protein and good fats.

But how do you find the time? 

Well, you be proactive and make the time by getting up 15 minutes earlier, packing something to eat for on the road or to make when you first get to work. Prepare it the night before if necessary. We even recommend preparing the night before, and still waking up 15 minutes earlier to make sure you are allowing time to nourish yourself with a nice cup of tea before you head off to work - it is important not to cheat on “you” time!

Some ideas to build the most important meal of your day:


Oats are a wonder food. They are a brilliant source of energy and a great way to start your day. Oats are a great metabolism regulator and help keep your blood sugar levels stable. They are full of fiber and help keep your tummy fuller for longer, which is good news as it keep those sugar cravings at bay. 1/3 - 1/2 cup of oats is a great option for your morning meal. We love adding power foods to the mix, like chia seeds, LSA, goji berries and cinnamon – yum. 


Eggs any which way are the perfect breakfast option. Poach them, boil them or even scrambled. Eggs are one of the most complete sources of protein, meaning eggs contain all the essential amino acids which we must get from a healthy diet. Make an omelette the night prior, add in a heap of veggies or simply boil up a few eggs to keep in the fridge.

Protein Smoothie

If you find it hard to get enough protein…smoothies are great way to start. Try a smoothie in the morning with a scoop of protein powder; add a few frozen berries, almond milk and flaxseed oil and you have got yourself a meal-on-the-go. Smoothies make for the perfect breakfast option, especially in the summertime, and the beauty of it is… you will never get bored as there are so many smoothie combos you can conjure up.

Berries & Yogurt

Yogurt is a yummy and nutritious breakfast option. It contains probiotics (‘good’ bacteria) which provide a broad range of health benefits, including improving digestion. Try it with antioxidant filled berries or some nuts and seeds. Make sure you get either natural or low-fat yogurt (not non-fat, as it often has too much sugar).  

Tea / Water & Lemon

Although not technically a breakfast meal but the drinks we decide to guzzle down in the morning are super important. Drinking warm water with lemon in the morning aids our metabolism and helps keep our body alkalised.  Herbal tea is a great option too, it contains enough caffeine to wake us up, but not send our hormones crazy like coffee. Tea is a great way to wake up calmly, and make for a great company while flicking through the paper or checking through your daily emails. 

So, what are your nourishing breakfast combinations?


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