Heroic Customer Service #1

We are obsessed with customer service at HealthDesigns.com. Every week we'll bring you a story from the battle grounds of the craziest thing we had to do to deliver on our promise of offering superior customer service. So laugh with us, cry with us, and even make fun of us. What started as a condition is evolving into a full blown disease we've deemed "obsessivus servicus."

We have been trying very hard lately to fulfill real time order processing as well as same day shipping until 6 PM. Many times this means we are hand delivering products to UPS after our daily pickups, as the big brown trucks hit the road to cross the country late at night. Thursday, Nick and Travis had to stay late to do a final pack and ship, which is hard enough when the suns gone down and most sensible people are drifting off to sleep. But just to throw a wrench in the flow of things, the UPS printer decided to run out of labels and we had ZERO in stock (someone talk to purchasing, please). It would have been easy enough at this point to call it a night and finish shipping in the morning, but that is where we strive to be different. Our sleep can wait; your health shouldn't have to. So after finding the local UPS depot closed, for what can only be deemed a "case of the Thursdays," labels were obtained from a semi-distant UPS store and returned to the DC, where shipments were fulfilled and dispatched. The sun still rose, the world kept turning, and hardly anyone knows this event took place. But you may have received your package one day earlier, and this would be why.

This story might seem mundane, ordinary, or even pointless to you, and that's fine by us. As a matter of fact, we would like to assume you expect extraordinary service from us because we think you deserve it. There are other companies out there demonstrating outstanding service that we look up to and want to emulate. Zappos.com tops that list. Any time you can order shoes at lunch and get them with the next day's newspaper, your wants and needs as a customer are being valued above all else. And if you can fulfill a fashion desire in that short amount of time, how much more important does that make your health?

In our case, customer service meant same day shipping against many odds. It also means being available for you as much as we can. That's where our NEW extended customer service hours of 8AM - 6PM came from. Right now, not many people have taken advantage of our caffeine-infused bodies donning headsets and smiles, but some have. And even if we received just one call in the month of August, from someone calling on a price comparison, then our efforts were worth it. You can't put a price tag on trust, and building that with our customers is the root of our success.

In the coming months, customer service will mean a private label that allows us to deliver the absolute best products along with flexible pricing. Customer service will mean a completely new site that lets you find the right products in a fraction of the time with robust back-end merchandising platforms. It will mean endless data entry as we build a database that makes our current setup look like a game of Scrabble. It will certainly mean later shipping. Perhaps most importantly, it will mean more coffee for us, and better health solutions for you.

"Obsessivus Servicus," while perhaps existing in only in our minds, does not seem to have a cure. And to be honest, that's just fine with us.

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