Healthy Barbecue Tips

healthy barbecue tips

It’s grillin’ season. And no matter what diet you’re on, it’s pretty hard to deny the appeal of a sizzling plate of barbecued goodness! But before you go and blow your nutritional regime, you might want to try tweaking your recipes. After all, it IS possible to create a healthy meal without compromising on flavor!

Check out these handy tips for a healthier barbecue:

  • Boost the sauce flavor with low-calorie ingredients. Try adding soy sauce, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, or chili sauce (all have have under 50 calories in two tablespoons).
  • Don’t overdo the sweetness. Yes, it’s true, every good barbecue recipe requires a balance of both sweet and heat. But instead of adding a bunch of sugar, try adding a natural sweetener like fruit juice, molasses, or honey.
  • Make meat your side and veggies your main. Switch your portions sizes and you’ll be ingesting twice as many vegetables as you normally would You’ll be upping your fiber, vitamin, and mineral intake.
  • Use lean cuts of skinless meat. Removing the skin from your chicken can cut the fat content in half. And make sure that all cuts of meat, whether it’s chicken, beef, or pork, are lean and trimmed of fat. If you can, go for naturally raised organic meat (it’s richer in nutrients and free of antibiotics and hormones).
  • Don’t overcook your meat. You may prefer it well-done, but meat that is cooked longer at a high temperature can lead to an increased risk of cancer. Try grilling meat in smaller portions to cut back on cooking time.
  • Skip out on the processed stuff. Hot dogs, sausages, and bacon may make for tasty barbecue fare, but studies show that consumption of these ‘meats’ can increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 42%.
  • Try grilling good-for-you fish, like Omega 3-rich salmon. Get a wood plank for your grill and fire up some organic plank-grilled salmon. You’ll gain lean protein, improve your heart health, and give your body a rich source of healthy fats that promote longevity and anti-aging.

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