Gift Guide for the Workout Enthusiast

Santas' Gift Guide

You’ve made your list. You’ve checked it twice. You’re just about done with your holiday shopping when it hits you. You’ve got nothing for that one person. You know, the one who works out like a fiend, pumps iron for fun, and is training for next year’s marathon. Choosing a gift for this person is like a football game ending at 1-0. Near impossible.

Relax and practice your yoga breaths. These gift ideas are perfect for the workout enthusiast:

  • Whey Protein. We all know why protein is so important - it’s the building block for muscles. But what in tarnation is whey protein and why should we care? Well, whey protein is a fat-free protein derived from dairy. It has a ridiculously high biological value (fancy terminology for how well the body can absorb different types of protein), is highly efficient, and packs more protein punch than an egg. This Twinlab, 100% Whey Protein Fuel Vanilla Slam 5 lbs is perfect for helping athletes build stronger muscles faster.

Whey Protein

  • Mass Fuel Xtreme. For those that really want to bulk up and add some serious muscle there’s Twinlab, Mass Fuel Xtreme Chocolate 5.95 lbs. Each serving is packed with 600 lean calories and 50 grams of protein that are specially formulated to provide sustained energy - perfect for those long gym sessions. Plus, it’s high in calcium and has a delicious chocolate taste.

Mass Fuel Xtreme

  • Diet Fuel. Not every workout fiend wants to add mass. For the person that wants to slim down there’s Twinlab, Diet Fuel Ephedra Free 60 Capsules. When used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise, Twinlab’s Ephedra pills help to increase energy, boost metabolism, and promote weight loss. It’s a surefire win at a price that’s right.

Diet Fuel

  • The Gift Card. Still not sure what to get for your workout enthusiast? Get him or her a, gift card. Forget about gift certificates being impersonal. is the one-stop shop for workout junkies and a gift card to healthdesigns will elicit squeals of delight (or at least some celebratory push-ups). Your friend will thank you and you can check them off your list.

The Gift Card

Don’t forget, there’s free shipping on all holiday orders over $60. Plus, if you “like” on Facebook you can get a $5 coupon. So get out that holiday shopping list and get it done!

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