Earth Day - What Can You Do?

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day. It’s one of those holidays where you’re never quite sure if it’s worth celebrating. And if you do celebrate, then what on earth (pun intended) are you supposed to do? Hug a tree? Plant flowers? Pick up trash?

Here. Allow us. Behold some of the top ways to celebrate Earth Day (today or any day of the year!):

  • Buy some fresh herbs and plant them in pots in your kitchen. Just think - fresh mint, basil, or sage every time you want to cook.
  • Give yourself a homemade facial or at-home spa experience. Purchase some eco-beauty products.
  • Don’t have automatic recycling pick-up? Go get yourself a recycle bin and locate the nearest recycling center. Mark a day on your calendar to haul those recyclables over!
  • Invest in all-natural cleaning supplies. Harsh household cleaners are bad for you and the planet.
  • Cook a meal from scratch. Peruse the web for veggie-filled spring recipes. Grab your friends. Grab your kids. Make it a cooking party!
  • Make an oath to quit buying bottled water. Invest in a water filter and reusable water bottles.
  • Go for a long walk - rain or shine. Take your time and enjoy the fresh air, trees, grass, flowers, etc... Looking for a challenge? See if you can skip your car for a day. Walk or bicycle to all your destinations!
  • Spread awareness. Tweet about what you’re doing to reduce your carbon footprint. Make Earth Day greeting cards with your kids. Tell your friends about the bird-feeder you made out of an old milk jug. Keep celebrating Earth Day - all year long!

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