Customer Feedback Comes Alive For International Shipments

If you have ordered from us in the past, or even just interacted with us at facebook , you know how much we truly rely on customer feedback to guide our service.  In my next blog, you can see how that created an entire new referral network that thousands of customers are earning real money on right now.  But sometimes its about making small tweaks to best service our customers on a daily basis.

With international shipping (which we offer for a ridiculously low cost currently) a lot of customers have been helping to reduce the chance of customs confiscation or taxation for various countries (Brazil, Russia, Australia, Canada).  Our great customers are the reason we switched to plain brown boxes, developed new shipping methods, and continue to expand services to new regions.  The most recent update though, compliments of our friend Wellington in Brazil (check out his blog here), should help shipping times and customs taxation around the globe.

Previously we populated the Declared Value of any package with the actual order total (products+shipping) and simply marked the package contents as "Other".  While this worked well, we had a lot of people say they were having to order many small packages to try and keep their order values under a certain amount ($50 Brazil, $20 Latvia, etc).  So....what we have done is changed the Declared Value to now reflect 50% of the total product prices without shipping.  For example, if you ordered $100 of products and paid $10 shipping, we would fill in your customs label with a Declared Value of $50 ($100 x 50%).  Many customers are already happy to see this and we think it will really assist in placing larger orders for a combined shipping cost without fear of customs.

As always, you can post any ideas for further improvements to our facebook wall or email us directly.  We love hearing from everyone around the world and thank those of you helping us create the largest nutrition delivery system on the planet!

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