Creating YOUR New Years Resolutions

Creating unattainable New Year’s resolutions is a well-crafted art. First, the list-maker must be suddenly motivated to attain lofty and idealized goals within a year’s time frame. Then, the said list-maker must proceed to create a detailed list of the goals and how he or she will strive to attain these difficult goals. He or she may even go so far as to create a highly organized schedule for daily and weekly activities with time allotted to achieving the goal(s). After a final bash on New Year’s Eve, the list-making individual goes cold-turkey on all vices and devotes newly freed (and scheduled) time to an intense pursuit of his or her goals.

After a week or so of this breakneck chase the individual slips up and misses a day or two of striving to achieve the goal(s). This day or two of failure sends the individual into a state of despair and the resolution list is purposefully forgotten until the next December 31st.

On the other hand, creating attainable and achieve able New Year’s resolutions is quite simple. Check out these tips and tricks:

  • Be realistic. Making goals that are too lofty will only lead to heartache. Have a friend double-check your goals before you write them in stone. Be honest with yourself about what you really have time (and determination) to pursue.

  • Create steps for each goal. Exactly how are you going to achieve your goal? What are the milestones that you will have to achieve before goal completion? Thinking through the process of reaching your goal will help you to understand the mini-goals that you must achieve in order to fully realize your New Year’s resolution.

  • Keep it short and sweet. The more goals you have the less time and effort you will have to focus on each one. Keep your list to 1-3 challenging goals and keep the rest simple and super achievable. Bonus: including easily achieved goals on your list will result in boosted self-confidence.

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