Continuing Education

On a cold Saturday in January, members of the HealthDesigns staff and the Schneider Clinic drove to Chicago to attend a seminar by Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland.

The seminar, "Bridging Lifestyle Medicine and Systems Biology in Clinical Practice," suggested that our health systems are not serving patients as well as they could. While a patient might go to a cardiovascular specialist, and be given medicine to address a cardiovascular issue, they might end up going to several other specialists and getting specific meds for each issue. Instead, Dr. Bland stressed that doctors should be looking at the whole system, and by doing so, could help the patient take steps to correct the one problem causing all the issues.

He went into detail, discussing how to look at and treat metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and menopause.

After a long day, a ton of information, and a great Mediterranean-style lunch (salad, fruits, grilled vegetables, lentil salad and salmon), we had a lot to talk about! We are excited to use this information to better serve our patients and customers; we do all we can to stay updated on the latest health information.

Waiting for the seminar to start

Here's our view! We were waiting for the seminar to get started.

We are eagerly awaiting Dr. Bland.