Canadian Shipping Strike

To all our neighbors to the north in Canada, we have been monitoring the situation regarding a possible strike with the Canadian Post Corporation which may delay delivery of packages shipped Priority Airmail.  Please note orders shipped via UPS International are not at this time being affected or delayed.  We have the following information from our shippers in regards to what to expect from this situation:

The strike will begin at 11:59 pm EDT in Winnipeg on June 2, 2011.  The Winnipeg local will be on on strike for 24 hours, after which the strike will continue in other locations to be announced later.

The purpose of this strike activity is to encourage Canada Post Corporation (CPC) to abandon their proposals for significant concessions and instead negotiate solutions to the very real problems that are being experienced by 48,000 postal workers.

Winnipeg has been chosen as the location for the first strike activity because it was the first city to be impacted by CPC's modernization program.  The results have been a sharp deterioration of service to the public as well as a host of health and safety problems experienced by postal workers due to the new work methods and equipment.

CUPW has negotiations demands designed to resolve these problems and we want CPC to address them.

CPC updates can be found at

We hope this situation will be resolved shortly.  We will continue to ship all orders which selected Priority Airmail to Canada in spite of this delay.  When the strike is resolved, this will ensure these packages get to customers as soon as possible.  To avoid any delays, we recommend using our UPS International option at checkout which starts at just $25.  We will keep all our Canadian customers updated with information or delays as we learn about them.  Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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