Brazil Postal Strike Affecting Deliveries

To our valued Brazil customers,

You are likely aware of the postal strike currently underway in Brazil.  This strike is affecting some of the packages delivery time as we have heard from customers currently in Brazil.  On average, packages from take 14-21 days to be delivered. We are seeing orders take as many as 6 weeks currently before delivery. The affected orders include those placed on or after August 10th, 2011.  If you have an order placed since that date that has not arrived, this ongoing strike is likely the issue.  These packages will be delivered as soon as the postal strike is over and operations are back to normal.

Should you need to check on a specific package that has not been delivered, you may consider visiting your local postal distribution center.  The package may be at this center ready for dispatch and they may allow you to take it with proper identification.

A recent article on the ongoing strike may be of interest to you as well.

Thanks for your patience to our valued Brazil customers and we are hoping this strike is resolved soon.