Blog Product Giveaway!

Hey Readers - We have a great GIVEAWAY on our blog today!

We have FIVE bottles of our NeuroScience, EndoPlus Jr. Spray (60mL)! This spray is a liquid inhibitory  neurotransmitter support that is great for anxiousness, sleep disturbances and restlessness. The spray contains 5-hydroxtrytophan and Suntheanine in an advanced liposomal formula that allows for rapid absorption when a calming or relaxing effect is needed. This product helps promote a relaxed state of mental alertness without drowsiness or loss of focus.

This product has been discontinued, but we wanted to give you one last chance to get your hands on it! Leave a comment on this post telling us what makes YOU nervous or anxious (for example, I can't stand roller coasters!) for a chance to win this great product!

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