Biking to Work

I have a new goal before winter: Ride my bike to work.

My boyfriend and I have fitness bikes that we ride around back roads near our house. We usually ride between six to eight miles, three to five times a week. We ride out to a certain point in the country, and then we ride home. He is much faster than me because he bikes more than I do. I am a jogger, so on days when I jog, he rides. So he is riding twice as much as I am. This is noticeable when I am panting and sweating and he looks like he's just on an afternoon cruise.

I just mapped out the route I would have to take to work on, and it surprises me to see it will only be about 8 miles. That means this is very doable! However, I will be doing this in the morning when I am grumpy and groggy, and I will have to plan out how long this will take me.

The only major problem is going to be traffic. At one point, I will have to ride on a VERY busy road to get to the road my work is on. I looked up some bike safety tips to help me with this stretch of riding.

  • Of course, always wear a helmet. I've got my spiffy blue one, so that's not a problem.
  • Wear bright clothing so drivers can see you.
  • Obey the rules of the road. I plan on riding along the right side the entire trip, so that should be fine.
  • Look both ways. Most accidents happen at intersections or driveways. I'll be very careful about this, especially when I get to the intersection that connects to the busy road.

I really like It has a whole article about "How to Not Get Hit By Cars," complete with diagrams showing many situations of bikers and cars and how to avoid an accident.



For now, I will have to keep riding to make sure I'm up for the eight miles, and I will have to start waking up earlier to prepare. I'll keep you informed on how everything is going and let you know when the planned date is!

If you have any biking tips, I'd love to hear them.

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