Benefits of Working Out With a Buddy

benefits of buddy workouts

Are you a lone ranger when it comes to working out? Sure, schedule conflicts, personality differences, or varying ability levels can make it difficult to workout with someone else. But did you know that statistically, those who workout with a friend are more likely to reach their fitness goals?

Before you opt out of buddy workouts, you might want to consider the following benefits of exercising with a friend:

  • Friends are (usually) more persistent than an alarm clock. It’s easy to skip out on that morning run when all you have to do is hit snooze. It’s not so simple when you’ve got a friend pestering you to log those miles. Studies show that accountability is one of the top reasons that working out with a friend can lead to greater success!
  • You can do buddy workout routines and exercises together! Not sure what to do? Try...
    • ...Back to Back Medicine Ball Rotations. Sit back to back with your pal (spine straight, knees bent, and feet on the ground). Hold a medicine ball and twist to your right to pass the ball to your friend. Swiftly twist to the left to receive the ball again. After several reps your abs should start to burn!
    • …Wheelbarrow Push-Ups. Position yourself in a plank position on the ground. Have your friend grab your feet and gently raise your legs (just like those wheelbarrow games you used to play as a kid!). Keep your abs tight and your body in a straight line. Bend your arms and lower yourself diagonally towards the ground. Hold for a second and then straighten your arms. Do as many reps as you can.
    • …Assisted Pull-Ups. Not quite able to do pull-up reps? Using a pull-up bar at the gym, playground monkey bars, or a tree branch, hoist yourself off of the ground. Make sure to grasp the bar or branch with your arms shoulder distance apart and your palms facing you. Bend your knees and have your friend alleviate some of your body weight by holding on to your shins and helping you lift. Raise yourself up, hold for a second, and lower. Repeat!
  • Friendly competition never hurts. Is your pal outdoing you in weight loss, miles run, chin-up reps, flexibility, or bench press weight? Let your friend’s accomplishments fuel your desire to reach your own fitness goals! Work hard, and you might even pass your buddy up.

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