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Inhale! Exhale! It’s not too late to finish your Christmas shopping with some special items from healthdesigns. After all, have you really gotten something for everyone on your list? Aunt Susie may seem to keep the perfect house, but she’d probably love some natural cleaning products. Yes, your brother Joe is a little obsessed with his new chihuahua, but hey, why not feed the obsession and get him some puppy treats (all-natural, of course). And if the whole shopping for others thing wears you out, then just go ahead and treat yourself to some yummy good-for-you snacks. No matter what the need, healthdesigns has the perfect all-natural household gifts for anyone on your list.

  • Multi-Surface Plus - natural all-purpose cleaner. A good all-purpose cleaner is truly a necessity for any conscientious house-keeper. But then there’s all this talk and data about how harsh cleaning products are bad for the environment and bad for humans. You can’t sacrifice true cleaning power, but you certainly don’t want to breathe in any more toxins. Citri-Glow’s Multi-Surface Plus all-purpose cleaner is the answer. It’s natural, hypoallergenic, and toxin free. Plus it cleans just about anything.

Multi-Surface Plus

Citri-Glow, Clearly Natural Multi-Surface Plus Cleaner 22 fl oz

  • Breath Bites - natural dog breath mints. Possibly the worst thing about dogs is their breath. It’s just so... gross. Especially when little Fido tries to give out kisses. Solve the problem with Pet Naturals Breath Bites. These bone-shaped, liver-flavored soft chews reduce bad doggy breath, decrease flatulence, and help to clean your pet’s blood. Breath Bites are made of all-natural ingredients that have been shown to suppress intestinal chemicals which produce bad breath. Now Fido’s little kisses will come off as more “aww” and less “ick.”

Breath Bites

Pet Naturals Of Vermont, Breath Bites for Dogs Chicken Liver 21 Soft Chews

  • Yo-Quick - instant yogurt snack. You’ve probably heard why yogurt is so good for you (the naturally occurring healthy bacterias in yogurt are essential for healthy digestion). Yogurt’s amazing health-benefits are great, but there’s always been sort of a problem with yogurt being an accessible on-the-go snack since it will go bad if not refrigerated. Until now. Mt. Capra has ingeniously developed dehydrated yogurt packets that can be taken anywhere (no refrigeration required). Just add water and voila - instant, all-natural yogurt. Perfect for a quick snack.


Mt. Capra, Yo-Quick! Instant All-Natural Yogurt Sensational Strawberry 12 Packets

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