Alapars is niacinamide/NAC blend for healthy PARS activity. How will you benefit:

  • May inhibit PARS, free radical generation, cytokines, and collagenase, thereby protecting multiple tissues and systems.
  • Supports joint tissue health
  • May support the health of other tissues impacted by PARS upregulation such as gastrointestinal, neurological, and pancreatic tissues.
  • Promotes healthy cellular energy (ATP) levels.
  • Provides a unique blend of niacinamide and N-acetylcsteine.
  • Effective levels in just three tablets per day.

This unique combination of niacinamide and NAC may result in a complementary effect that translates into a lower dosage requirement just three tablets daily and may improve outcomes in minor pain management when used as part of a comprehensive nutritional support program.