40 Things You Should Probably Give Up For Lent


Catholic or not, there are some things we could all do without. Use the next 40 days as a step in the right direction for your life. Although some of these aren't terrible, it's always good to know you can quit if wanted.

Lent begins: Wednesday, February 18th. Lent ends: Thursday, April 2nd

40 Things You Should Probably Give Up for Lent

1. Making excuses
2. Bored snacking
3. Soda/ pop
4. Being hungover
5. Taking 3 scoops of preworkout
6. Doing laundry, but not putting it away
7. Hitting the snooze button
8. Spending your entire paycheck
9. Over-salting your food
10. Being angry
11. Ice cream
12. Ignoring your parents phone calls
13. Ignoring your grandparents phone calls
14. Facebook stalking
15. Binge-watching TV shows
16. Fast food
17. Not washing your face at night
18. Instagramming your toes
19. Pretending you never got that text message
20. Biting your nails
21. Road rage
22. Being late
23. Clutter
24. Going weeks without washing your bedding
25. Selfies
26. Not drinking water until you're dehydrated
27. Texting & driving
28. Starbucks
29. Driving on E
30. Not emptying the trash
31. Skipping cardio
32. Tanning
33. Lack of eye contact
34. Not having a set goal/ plan in writing
35. Procrastinating
36. Skipping breakfast
37. Leaving tupperware and shaker cups unwashed for days
38. Picking at your face
39. Sleeping in contacts
40. Mismatching socks

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