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15 Item(s)

Biotics utilizes the knowledge gained after years of research to produce high quality supplements. The supplements are as a result of science based research as well as knowledge about nature. This is the reason why Biotics Research produces natural, science based products.

Biotics Research

Types of Products

Neonatal Glandulars.

  • The glandular tissue produced by Biotics Research is new born compared to others provided by health professionals which are from adult tissue. The tissue has not been exposed to high temperatures and thus it has retained most of the useful ingredients such as vitamins enzymes and other important nutritional substances.


  • Introduction of precise chemicals in their special cultures while still controlling temperature and this produces phytochemicals trace chemicals in form of foods.

Biotic Vegetable Cultures.

  • They contain all essential nutrients of whole food such as vitamins, enzymes, although the phytochemicals and enzymes have been preserved due to dehydrating them in low heat.


  • The antioxidants produced by Biotics are a mixture of the naturally occurring antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Biotics Research

Relieving of stress.

Biotics produces a product called De-Stress which is recommended is the management of stress and anxiety. This is a product which has been derived from milk and with the day to day stresses of life De-Stress is recommended to help get rid of stress and also for people who suffer from memory loss. ADHS is another Biotics product good for the management of stress and it contains vitamins and minerals. ADHS works to replace those minerals that were lost as a result of a stressful experience.

Helps in digestion.

Biotics has a product known as Hyro-Zyme which contains the digestive enzyme and acids such as glutamic acids, vitamins and many more which help in the digestion of food. Some of the enzymes and acids are in low quantity in the stomach and therefore taking Hyro-Zyme works as a boost in helping deal with digestive problems. Gastrazyme is also another ingredient that contains natural nutrients such as cabbage juice that supply important nutrients to help in the digestion process. It also contains mulberry leaves and other vitamins that are important nutrients in support of digestion.

Antioxidant activities in the body.

NitroGreens just like the name contains a blend of natural green components such as wheat, oat and barley grass which are good antioxidants. These important ingredients and other naturally occurring phytonutrients are important ingredient in awakening the senses of the body.

Helps in anti-aging.

As people grow old their skin and body is bound to show signs of aging and this is sometimes not a good sign. The rate of aging differs because some people age faster compared to others. Biotics has a product made from whey protein called Nutriclear that reduces the signs of aging.

Getting a restful sleep.

Biotics Research

Getting enough sleep is important in order to live a healthy life. Some people suffer from sleep disorders while some can’t sleep at all due to various reasons. To assure you of a restful and adequate sleep Biotics has a product to help people with sleep disorders. 5 HTP contains catalase, gelatin and water which are importance components in helping you get proper sleep.

Good for the brain.

The brain need adequate supply of nutrients supplied every time. This helps in maintaining alertness and preventing fatigue that comes after a day of activities and hard work. Biotics Research has Dopatropic that helps in improving the brain activity through the transmission of neutrons. Dopatropic made from Mucuna Pruriens plant extracts.

Biotics Research Reviews

Biotics Research is big company with branches in different states all over the United States. This is to show that it is well established and good at what it does. The research being based on nature and science is assurance that they produce the best naturally available products.

There are numerous testimonials by satisfied customers on how the Biotics Research products have worked. Since Biotics works with health professionals to sell their products is an indication that they trust what they do. Biotics Research is a trusted and reliable brand as far a nutritional supplements are concerned.