Why is BCAA Important?

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the body. BCAA is compiled of three critical essential amino acids called Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These three amino acids together create over a third of all essential amino acids that are used for body functions. So why are BCAA’s important you ask? Well, for a variet of reasons, but much of it primarily has to do with its ability to create muscle protein synthesis in the body.

BCAA Gives You Energy

Every motion you have ever made with your body has required the consumption of some kind of energy by your muscles and internal organs. This energy comes from what you consume through your diet and supplementation. Sometimes you can receive vitamins through osmosis like vitamin D, which your body can receive in certain amounts from the sun. However, primarily all energy is generated through what a person eats in their diet or supplements that they take.

BCAA Helps Build Muscle

Now, when your metabolism is breaking down food and sending it out to the muscles to be utilized for energy, there is a process that occurs called muscle protein synthesis. This process takes energy from nutrients and fats, and then converts it into muscle fibers to add strength and endurance to your current muscles. However, there is a catch. This process can only occur with the help of BCAA. BCAA is the primary component that generates muscle protein synthesis, and is required by the body in order to maintain muscle health and strength. Without the ability to produce and strengthen muscle fibers, muscle atrophy will start to occur in your body. This is why BCAA is vitally important for your health and bodies development. Not only that, but BCAA’s are important because they help regulate growth hormones in your body.

Producing Anabolic Hormones and Testosterone

BCAA is particularly critical in helping the body produce anabolic hormones and testosterone. Now, you shouldn’t mix up anabolic hormones with anabolic steroids. Hormones are natural and good, while steroids can cause negative health side effects when taken. So just to be clear, it is not steroids, but hormones that BCAA is helping to create. BCAA sends signals to the brain for it to create testosterone and anabolic hormones, which have the primary function of working with the metabolism to create energy for the rest of the body. Being low in either an anabolic hormone or testosterone can cause an individual to lose energy, mental clarity, sexual health, can even cause them to fall in depression. However, BCAA can help to prevent these things from happening by telling the body to create more hormones.

BCAA Regulates Insulin

Without BCAA being in the body, you would not be able physically develop properly in almost anyway. This is also true for your insulin levels. BCAA is very important in regulating insulin because it is responsible for sending signals from your brain to your pancreas. Without these signals being sent properly, your body can either start to create too much insulin or not enough. If this happens, a person becomes diabetic. BCAA has been found to help reduce the chances of diabetes when found in proper amounts in the body because of its ability to make sure quality signals are being sent from the brain to your body on how much insulin to produce.

Why BCAA Is Important?

There you have it. BCAA is important because it helps develop your muscles, control your hormones, and regulates your insulin levels. Without BCAA in your body, none of these functions would work properly, and your physical health would fall in disrepair. So be thankful for good ole BCAA and make sure you are taking the proper amounts that you need to!

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