BCAA Powder

The Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) of valine, isoleucine, and leucine are some of the most powerful essential amino acids of the body. They account for over one-third of your entire body's essential amino acids that it needs. They can also help improve any number of negative things that may be wrong with your body. However, the primary benefactors of BCAA supplementation are those who like to workout, and develop a better physique with stronger muscles.

Two Methods of Receiving BCAA

Your body can receive BCAA through two different methods. One is by consuming food in your diet that is heavy in proteins like dairy products and meat (turkey, chicken, beef, etc.). The second way you can get BCAA in your body is through supplementation of one of the many different BCAA supplement products on the market. BCAA supplements come in two different forms. You can take a BCAA either by taking a pill, or by consuming a BCAA powder.

The Difference Between Taking BCAA Pills and BCAA Powder

The most popular way for people to take BCAA is in pill form, because the BCAA powder is known for having a very strong acidic taste that does not taste very good unless it is masked in a shake or by some other stronger, better tasting food source. However, BCAA powder is a cheaper alternative then the pills on a per/gram basis. The reason for this is because BCAA powder doesn’t have to go through another process to be packaged in a consumable packaged gel pill. Not only that, because of the infamous “bad” taste of BCAA powder, there is a much bigger market for those interested in only taking BCAA supplements in pill form.

Adding Flavor To BCAA Powder

Many different sports nutrition companies like Precision Engineered, BCN, and Optimum Nutrition have come out with different BCAA flavors in order to hide the bad taste and help take the “bite” out of the acidic taste of raw BCAA powder. The only problem that some individuals have this is that by adding different flavors to the BCAA supplement, the consumer is not necessarily getting a “pure” or “raw” form of BCAA supplementation.

Most individuals don’t have a problem with this, but those who are very serious about taking pure supplementation typically are professional body builders. Taking pure supplementation for them is important because they prefer a high quality supply of BCAA powder that supplies a precise and measured ratio of the three amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Without having the “perfect mix”, very serious body builders and individuals who are very in-tuned with their bodies have been said to notice a difference between pure forms of BCAA powder, and BCAA powder that has been flavored.

Unless you fall in the category of an extreme body builder, taking a flavored BCAA powder would be just fine for you, and can really help your body with muscle protein synthesis. However, if you don’t mind paying the extra money, and are looking for a BCAA supplement that wont leave a bad taste in your mouth, it would be recommended you go with taking a pill over the BCAA powder.

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