BCAA Glutamine

One of the most powerful combinations in sports nutrition today is BCAA and Glutamine. BCAA are “Branch Chain Amino Acids” that provide your body over a third of the essential amino acids it needs in the form of Isoleucine, Leucine, and Valine. Glutamine on the other hand is an essential amino acid that your body uses for complete recovery and muscle development. Both BCAA and Glutamine are very important essential amino acids that the body needs to function properly.

Essential amino acids are amino acids that the body needs to survive but cannot produce on it's own. In order to get these amino acids, you must consume them by eating foods that have them (meats and dairy), or taking them as a supplement. BCAA is often called the “building blocks of protein” and Glutamine is called the “nurse of the muscles”. BCAA serves a primary function of building your muscles up through a process called “protein synthesis”, while Glutamine heals and repairs your muscles by stimulating and supporting your immunity system.

Your Body Needs Glutamine

BCAA by itself can work with protein to help build bigger and stronger muscles. However, in order to have your muscles recover after an intense workout, and be able to utilize BCAA for a full recovery, your body needs the amino acid Glutamine. The reason for this is because without Glutamine in the body, your immunity system and metabolism start to slow down and become weaker. Since Glutamine is the main supporting element behind both these systems, the only way you can get the best results with BCAA is if you are taking Glutamine with it as well.

Glutamine and Bodybuilders

It is often reported that individuals who use both have seen incredible results in their workout performances as opposed to only using a BCAA supplement. Research and testimonials have shown that bodybuilders who take both BCAA and Glutamine are able to life more during workouts and have more energy for their entire workout session. It has also been shown that recovery of the muscles happens much faster when taking BCAA and Glutamine together. Bodybuilders and athletes reported that muscle soreness and pain was significantly down after a workout if they had taken both a BCAA and Glutamine supplement, as opposed to taking only one of them.

The Combination of BCAA and Glutamine

The only direct correlation that was discovered with these results was that the individual was taking both a BCAA and Glutamine supplement before and after their workout. So if you are serious about improving your performance in the gym, or looking for the “x-factor” that is going to take you to the next level, it is highly recommended that you not just go with a BCAA supplement. Instead go with a supplement that has BCAA and Glutamine in it. This combination together will help develop your muscles like you haven’t seen before, and also make you feel better both during and after your workout.

Women and BCAA Glutamine

This goes for the ladies as well! It was found that women bodybuilders also experienced the same results that men did, and in fact, they reported even better results of muscle development and recovery after taking it. I should throw in a warning though that if you are a woman who is pregnant or nursing, you should avoid a BCAA supplement altogether as it may have some negative side effects. However, I would strongly recommend that both the guys and gals check into getting a BCAA and Glutamine supplement to increase your workout performance!

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