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BCAA Capsules

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) is one of the new raves in the gym that everyone seems to be talking about! A lot of that is for good reason too. BCAA is a combination of three different essential amino acids that comprise of a good portion of the essential amino acids that your body needs. And what BCAA is able to do for you is give you bigger and stronger muscles using the chemical process called muscle protein synthesis. While BCAA can be found in high protein foods like meat, milk, and cheese; you can also get them in your body through supplements.

What BCAA Should You Use?

Now trying to figure out which BCAA supplement can seem tricky at first, but it really isn’t all that difficult. There are really only two types of BCAA supplements: BCAA powder and BCAA gel capsules. Now when deciding which one of the two to take is pretty much determined by how much money you want to spend, and what your personal preferences are on taking a supplement that has an acidic taste in powder form.

BCAA Capsules VS BCAA Powders

BCAA capsules are more expensive then powder for two big reasons. First, the BCAA capsule has to go through additional processing and packaging to make sure that the amino acids have an effective delivery system with a gel capsule. The BCAA powder just has to go through one refining process and then it is completed and ready to be sold to a consumer. The second reason BCAA capsules are more expensive then the powder is because it is more popular. The powdered BCAA have a very bland and acidic taste that is very bitter, even when mixing it as a shake. So unless you have a lot of additional additives in your BCAA powder, you are not necessarily going to enjoy taking it like you would a chocolate whey protein shake. So now you can understand why a lot of people prefer to take the BCAA capsule to the powder. Not only that, but the BCAA capsule does a much better job at dissolving in the digestive system faster. While the BCAA powder is already “pre-digested” and ready to stimulate the metabolism to start sending nutrients to the muscles, the capsules are able to do this even faster.

Capsules Do Not Have To Be Broken Down

BCAA capsules have already designed for a much quicker release in the stomach once the gel coating is dissolved. The powder on the other hand still has to be broken down to a certain degree once it is in the digestive system. This is why the top sports nutrition brands like optimum nutrition, muscle pharm, and universal nutrition aggressively market and price up their BCAA capsules compared to their BCAA powder supplements. Whether you decide on a BCAA capsule or powder as a supplement really just comes down to personal choice on taste, and how much you want to spend. Besides that, if you are looking for more precise dosages of BCAA, it is recommended that you go with a BCAA capsule. However, if you want to vary the amount of dosage of your BCAA supplement, your best bet would probably be the BCAA powder.

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