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BCAA Benefits

BCAA, also known as Branch Chain Amino Acids, are essential amino acids for the body. These three amino acids are leonine, isoleucine, and valine. They are classified as “essential” because your body is unable to create them on its own, and need to receive them either through dietary or supplemental means. However, you may be asking why are they so important? Well, that is because they offer great benefits to the body and helps you live a happier and healthier life (statistically speaking of course).

Stronger Muscles With BCAA

The primary benefit of BCAA is its ability to create muscle protein synthesis. This is the process that the muscles go through in order to increase their mass, development, and strength. When BCAA supplements are mixed with physical workouts such as weightlifting, the maximum muscle protein synthesis is able to occur. This will help an individual grow bigger muscles and increase their strength significantly. Weight Loss and BCAA Research has also shown that those who have higher levels of BCAA in their bodies have more lean muscle mass and less percentage of body fat. This is why many individuals take BCAA in order to help lose weight, which BCAA (through muscle protein synthesis) burns off fat and turns it into muscle, which can trim that unwanted fat off your body.

How Can BCAA Help As You Age

BCAA also helps older individuals with muscle atrophy. As a person gets older, the body naturally starts to decrease in muscle mass and strength due to the dropping of hormones like testosterone and other growth hormones. However, BCAA can help alleviate this problem through supplementation. Taking BCAA helps to increase muscle synthesis even when a person is getting older, and the body begins to lose the natural ability to produce muscle-building hormones. It has also been found in research that BCAA can help the body regulate insulin levels better, which can help a person from becoming diabetic. BCAA is able to do this through the isoleucine isoleucine amino acid that improves glucose levels and makes sure the rest of the BCAA essential amino acids are helping the metabolic system process the correct levels of insulin. However, this doesn’t mean BCAA is a cure or treatment for diabetes, only that it can improve the health and condition of the body through better insulin management.

Live Longer With BCAA

BCAA are also able to help you live longer! Yes, research has shown that those with higher levels of BCAA in their body were found to live longer then those who had lower levels. A lot of this can be associated with a bunch of different benefits that BCAA offers to the body’s organs like the liver, digestive system, and muscles. You see, BCAA is able to improve the liver processing system so that more poisons and toxins are kept out of the body, but will ensure the liver doesn’t work “too hard”, and slows down the deterioration of the liver as it ages.

This unique ability of BCAA to strengthen organs and muscles through protein synthesis is a major reason that doctors and health professionals recommend to most people to take some type of BCAA supplement. Which is because BCAA is effectively as close of a chemical that your body has to a “fountain of youth” which can keep your fitness and body health rejuvenated and sustained through the years.

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