Arizona Natural Resource, All-Gar Complete Garlic Supplement 600 mg 60 Tablets

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    All-Gar is the world\x92s most complete garlic supplement because it contains allicin-rich garlic bulbs and nutrient-rich wild bear\x92s garlic tops. By combining the two, you get the highest possible levels of adenosine, minerals, allicin and related sulfur compounds. Garlic is powerful food, but there is more to the garlic plant than what you are getting in the typical garlic supplement. That is because common garlic supplements use only the cultivated garlic bulb and effectively give you only half of the active nutrients inherent to the garlic plant. Why settle for half of the goodness of garlic when you can have all the health benefits with All-Gar Odorless garlic supplement? All-Gar starts with 400 mg. of allicin-rich Allium sativum garlic powder delivering about 5,000 mcg. allicin and stabilized allicin as diallyl trisulfide. This extremely high level of allicin assures that All-Gar retains strong antimicrobial activity and the potential benefits to blood cholesterol levels. Allicin-rich garlic has proven its efficacy over several centuries of use in dozens of cultures, and modern science supports the activity of this natural healer. To this \x93high-allicin\x94 garlic, we add 200 mg. of nutrient-rich green leaves from the wild bear\x92s garlic plant, Allium ursinum. This garlic variety grows wild in the European foothills and has high levels of adenosine, sulfur, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc and phosphorous. Every summer these leaves are harvested without damaging the garlic bulb which is left in the ground to sprout again the following spring. By combining both the bulb and the leaves of the garlic plant, All-Gar gives you more of what you take garlic for. More sulfur and minerals, twice the phosphorous and up to 10 times the amount of adenosine. Adenosine works on many levels, effecting cholesterol absorption and blood lipid levels. Additionally, All-Gar maintains the highest levels of allicin and ajoene, the anti-thrombotic aspect of garlic, and is guaranteed to be odorfree. Why settle for half a garlic product when you can have it all? All-Gar, the only COMPLETE garlic supplement! All-Gar contains 400 mg. high allicin garlic bulb and 200 mg. nutrient-rich garlic leaves offering garlic\x92s naturally occuring vitamins, minerals and sulfur compounds.

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    SKU 8369
    Name Arizona Natural Resource, All-Gar Complete Garlic Supplement 600 mg 60 Tablets
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