What is the difference between Glutathione and L-Glutathione?

When it comes to separating different proteins, usually the differences are very small, except the names that they are listed under. However, this is not necessarily the case for Glutathione and L-Glutathione. Both of these proteins carry the same name, but one is prefaced with the letter “L.” An outsider looking in on this may naturally assume that they are the same thing, except that would be an incorrect assumption. While l-glutathione and glutathione are very similar, there is a major difference that separates them.

This difference is that glutathione has only one glutathione molecule, while L-glutathione has two. However, what is interesting is that both originally derive from the same composition of three different amino acids (that include glutamate, cysteine, and cycline). Both glutathione and l-glutathione are created in the liver and then distributed throughout the body in a substance known as glutathione, which eventually break down into two separate entities.

What is L- Glutathione?

Gluthione Molecule

L-glutathione is considered a more processed form of glutathione that has been saturated with an additional sulfur molecule. This creates a very powerful antioxidant in the body that helps build strong cells because of the rehabilitation that the L-glutathione molecule can perform on the cell walls. This also helps strengthen the body's immunity system in order to fight off diseases and bacteria that could be harmful to your health.

How is Glutathione Produced?

“Regular” glutathione is produced when one of the molecules from the sulfur is removed. This usually occurs when L-glutathione loses a bunch of electrons and the bond is no longer able to encompass more then a single glutathione molecule. However, even it in the state of not having a sulfuric molecule, Glutathione becomes a primary defense mechanism of the body that helps prevent it from being taken over by free ranging radicals. Free ranging radicals can oxidize molecules in the body, which can eventually turn into harmful or deadly diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s.

Why Are Glutathione and L- Glutathione Important?

Both glutathione and L-glutathione are very effective antioxidants and provide similar health benefits. They are very important to have in the body in order to fight off potential bacteria and viral threats that the body may face. Both of them also improve skin health, and provide nutrition to your skin so that the effects and damage of aging are reduced. Like all protein molecules, it is also important to have both glutathione and L-glutathione in your body to help rebuild tissue of the muscles so that they can be maintained and well developed. Many times if and individual is lacking either antioxidant, their body can be inhibited from rebuilding muscles, which can eventually lead to muscle atrophy. As a result, medical professionals often recommend a supplement of L-glutathione (as opposed to regular glutathione), due to the fact that it typically is somewhat more potent for the body, and may provide an individual with slightly better health results.

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