Natural Amino Acids

The irony of Amino Acids is that they are often shrouded in a cloak of scientific mystery, while at the same time having some pretty good street recognition. This is likely due to the fact that at some point most of us took sixth grade science classes that mentioned something about amino acids being a complex biological compound of the body, but our young minds didn’t process much after that. Yet, amino acids are quite interesting and important components of our biology that effect our every day lives. There are two groups of amino acids, essential and non-essential. Each group has its own specific set of functions.

What Is An Essential Amino Acid?

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The first kind of amino acid is called “essential amino acids”, which are amino acids that the body does not produce on it's own. The only way you can get them is through dietary sources.  Eggs and meats such as beef, pork, chicken, and turkey are all great sources of essential amino acids, as well as protein. This will give the body the ability to produce more energy. There are nine essential amino acids all together.

They include:

  • Histidine- responsible for cell division in children as well as adults
  • Isoleucine - responsible for muscle recovery after damage or workouts, and regulates blood sugar
  • Leucine- responsible for increasing energy levels, and helps heal tissue
  • Lysine- responsible for preventing infection
  • Methionine- responsible for increasing the body's metabolism
  • Threonine- responsible for producing the skin's collagen and elastin
  • Tryptophan- responsible for stabilizing moods, promoting sleep and brain function
  • Valine- responsible for repairing and the growth of muscle tissue
  • Phenylalanine - responsible for the production of brain chemicals after the body breaks it down into tyrosine, another amino acid

What Is a Nonessential Amino Acid?

Nonessential amino acids produced in the body naturally. There are about 20 different kinds of nonessential amino acids out there. The most important and largest one contained in the body is called Glutamine. Glutamine consists of about 60% of all the natural amino acids and provides important functions like helping to provide vitamins and minerals to the brain. It is these types of natural amino acids that an individual can take as supplements that will help with focusing and mental clarity. Typically this is because when one is suffering from a headache, or is lacking mental focus, the problem stems from having a lack of proper nutrition being fed to the brain.

Popular Natural Amino Acids

Natural occurring amino acids are also responsible for muscle protein synthesis and sexual health. For example, the amino acid Arginine is able to make the body produce nitrogen, which in turn makes the muscles get strong and ripped. Nitrogen does this via a process in the body that takes reserve fat in the metabolism or on the muscles and turns it into little, yet very strong, muscle fibers. Arginine is also able to have the body produce more hormones that give an individual more sexual energy and potency. Due to these effects, arginine is one of the most popular natural amino acid supplements in existence.

There are also natural amino acids that provide immunity support and act as anti-oxidants for the body. Typically, the natural amino acid Cysteine is responsible for this process. Primarily this is because it’s a form of sulfur that makes the amino acid taurine in your body. Taurine provides protection for your liver, brain, and nervous system. It does this by acting as a shield against poisons one may consume and external threats that come into the body. It will even help protect an individual's liver from things like alcohol poisoning.

Natural occurring amino acids are very important for the body. They provide a host of benefits that range from building up muscle, all the way to help protecting one's immunity system. All 20 of the natural amino acids that are produced by the body play some instrumental role in making sure one's body functions properly. Even if just one is missing, it can spell disaster for an individual's health and well-being!

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