Amino Acids and Weight Loss

There are studies that indicate an overwhelming number of obese citizens.  Unless kept in check, this is a nationwide epidemic that has the potential for dangerous outcomes. Weight control is essential, not only for health reasons, but to get the best out of life in general.

It is easy to assume that because amino acids help build muscle mass, they must not be play an important role in reducing the size of the body. However, these organic compounds are also responsible for helping to burn unnecessary fat which makes it easier to complete other body functions.

The Way It Works


If one is trying to lose weight, there are some extra steps they must take to ensure their journey to a slimmer frame remains healthy.

One must make sure that their body has enough amino acids so they don’t end up losing muscle mass along with the fat that they are trying to get rid of. Otherwise, they will have a leaner physique, but without an exterior that combats fatigue and helps to avoid looking flabby.

Not all amino acids come naturally. Some amino acids must be included as supplements in one's diet to ensure the proper amount of essential amino acids throughout the day. Everyone's body is different, but diet and nutrition should remain a crucial part of one's regimen. One should get the expertise of a medical professional if they are unsure about how many supplements or what types of organic compounds are needed to aid them during weight loss.

Why Weight Loss Matters

Its not all just about appearances. If one is obese, weight loss has the potential to add several years to their life. Overweight people put unnecessary strain on their hearts and also tend to have seriously high blood pressure. Shortness of breath, especially during sleeping, can complicate things even worse.

Those with weight problems are also more likely to suffer from a number of other ailments.

These include:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes

Which Amino Acids are Connected with Weight Loss?

Tyrosine promotes the release of catecholamines, hormones that intensify one's metabolism and starts the fat-burning process. It also collaborates with Phenylalanine to construct several amines that communicate with the brain to aid in weight loss.

Phenylalanine controls the brain's tendency to understand hunger or fullness, giving one's body the appropriate discipline to maintain a balance in weight.

Leucine begins the process of protein synthesis in the body which, in turn, causes the burning of calories. It's also the primary amino acid that helps retain muscle mass during weight loss goals.

Tryptophan is probably the most popular amino acid, known for being present in turkey that induces sleep over the Thanksgiving holiday. The sleepy effect in this compound helps to regulate hormone and insulin levels, ensuring appropriate glucose metabolism.

Carnitine suppresses weight by converting fat into energy instead of storing it. While it's reducing fat mass, it's also increasing muscle mass.

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