Amino Acid Benefits

The wonderful world of amino acids is something that is incredibly important to the human body. Most people at some point have probably heard about amino acids, but are not really sure what they are, or the kind of benefits that they provide. They are incredibly important for your health and one needs them not only to be healthy, but also to survive.

Types of Amino Acids

There are two kinds of amino acids:

  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Non-essential Amino Acids

What determines whether or not if it is an essential amino acid or non-essential amino acid is whether or not the body can produce it on its own. If it can, it is considered a non-essential amino acid, and if your body can’t produce it, it’s an essential amino acid. It makes no difference whether it is an essential or non-essential amino acid.

Both provide amazing benefits and are necessary for your survival. The most well known fact about amino acids is that they are the foundation blocks of building muscle through protein. Amino acids act as a catalyst for creating protein, which in turn feeds nutrients to your muscles. However, that is not all that amino acids are able to provide healthy support to.

The Importance of Amino Acids


Amino acids like glutamine feed nutrients directly to the brain and nervous system. This helps one's mind to be better focused, get rid of headaches, and help to have better memory. In regards to the nervous system, amino acids are essentially what protect most of one's nerves by building a “shield” around them from external threats or damage. If this wall of protection by amino acids on your nerves is not there or gets damaged, then your nerves are vulnerable to the possibility of nerve and brain trauma. Amino acids also help eliminate excess fat from your body.

Typically this is done by converting the fat into energy that is then used by one's muscles to help them recover either after a workout or some type of physical activity. Methionine is the amino acid that is primarily responsible for this, and helps to remove other toxins besides excess fat from one's body such as metal. The interesting part about this is that by getting rid of the bad and unnecessary stuff, amino acids also help to elevate good growth hormones like testosterone.

Benefits of Amino Acids

Another primary benefit that amino acids provide to the body is insulin regulation. This helps to make sure blood sugar levels stay healthy in one's body by creating healthier red blood cells, which in turn gives organs better health through better blood circulation. Most of this is done through essential amino acids that are referred to as branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). These are very important for your body as they make up over a third of the essential amino acids that you need.

Amino Acids are one of the most famous and popular amino acid supplements available on the market. Amino acids, like Arginine, also give the benefit of making nitrogen in your body. Most weightlifters and bodybuilders know nitrogen is responsible for a process called “protein synthesis.” This creates strong muscle fibers and is what is able to help one's body build very strong and lean muscles, resulting in what is likely one of the greatest benefits of the non-essential amino acids. Non-essential amino acids are a very popular supplement that to consider taking to get better results with physical fitness.

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